About Us

We’re not just your wireless company. We’re your technology partner.

We know that sometimes technology can be frustrating, and because of that we try to make your Nuvera Wireless experience great! Our sales and support representatives are local and always willing to help you with questions. We’ll educate you about your devices, so you can truly get the most out of them.

What makes us different?

We’re not so different from our competitors with the plans and phones we provide, as we sell the newest Apple and Android devices on the nation’s largest network, but we do differentiate from them in these other ways:

Local, friendly, and personal support

Our representatives are local, meaning you can stop in to the Nuvera Wireless store closest to you and get personalized support. We are here to help you with any questions, and want you to enjoy your Nuvera Wireless service. If you decide to call in, you won’t be on hold long, and we won’t make you talk to multiple people in order to answer your questions. We are your friends and neighbors in your community, and we care about your wireless phone service.

One bill for all of your services

If you subscribe to our Internet, TV, and landline phone service, you’ll enjoy the convenience of one bill. See detail for each service subscribed to and only write one check.

Discounts for being a Nuvera customer

When you subscribe to two or more Nuvera services along with Nuvera Wireless, you will save 10% off of each wireless access line charge.